• Protection from fluids

    The Line Snuggler sleeve is made with state-of-the-art waterproof materials that protects the connection points of the central line, caps, and IV tubing near the patient from external fluid contamination.

  • Easy to use

    Unlike other alternatives, the Line Snuggler sleeve's patented design is easy to use, reliable, and single-patient reusable.  Lines are easily accessible by the nurse for lab draws and medication administration.

  • Increases comfort of patients and family

    The Line Snuggler sleeve enhances the patient-family experience and decreases the apprehension of the care providers by keeping the lines organized, protected and contained for easier ambulation, activities of daily living, and physical therapy.  It keeps lines and connection points out of sight, out of mind for fidgety hands.


An RN “provided us with one of your Line Snugglers as my 17-month old continued to tangle his line, trip over multiple cords, and twist the lines until they eventually popped. This is his 4th central line since October, with multiple line infections and my active man even pulling out his line! I was so pleased when we started using the Line Snuggler! It solved so many issues for us!

Thank you! This is a product I highly recommend for any active toddlers like mine who have to get a CVC! I wish I would have had this product back in October when we began our journey. Maybe it would have decreased the number of CVCs that we have had."

-a Mom in Texas

“I used Line Snugglers in practice for two and a half years and cannot speak highly enough of them. They contributed greatly to the safety of my patients by reducing the risk of contamination from outside sources, lessening the severity of spills in the instance of a line disconnection, and helping to keep lines organized. I don’t have them in my practice now and truly miss using them!”

-Travel RN

"As a Nurse, I can’t imagine not having the Line Snuggler for my patients. I have seen on numerous occasions the Line Snugglers protect against body fluids that could cause severe infections in my patients. As soon as I put one in the wash, I immediately put on the back up Line Snuggler because I feel that lines can’t not be covered with the Line Snuggler. The patients and their families also very much appreciate using them and have inquired when seeing the Line Snuggler on other patients."

-RN in North Carolina

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About Us

Quality. Fair Pricing. Exceptional Service. These are the hallmarks under which Line Snuggler was established. At Line Snuggler, we provide clients with high quality nursing products at unbeatable prices. Our business was founded in 2017 on the principles of fairness and selection, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to these founding principles to this day.

Our Partners

These are a few of the health systems we are working with!

Duke Health Systems

Line Snugglers are being used on their bone marrow transplant and oncology floors.

Texas Children's Hospital

Line Snugglers are being used on their oncology and hematology centers.

University of Wisconsin Health System

Line Snugglers are being used in in the hematology and oncology centers at American Family Children's Hospital.